July 29, 2017

Red Velvet Ribbon: Spells & Potions Book Series

by Penny BroJacquie

My new Suspense Paranormal Romance is finally live on Amazon and all major marketplaces!

Penny BroJacquie


🎀Red Velvet Ribbon🎀

Book One in my new

Spells & Potions
Book Series

Autumn, a young woman in her late twenties, thought she had found happiness in her life. She had a potentially successful career, she was financially independent, she was with a man she loved, and she felt loved. However, she always had that feeling that something was missing in her life, that she wasn’t complete…
Her bad feeling was right; nothing in her life was what it seemed to be, and one night she found out in the most heartbreaking way.
After a night of despair, she found herself lying in Hubbard Park with her clothes ripped and a strange man’s voice whispering in her mind.
Then she saw him, and her mind flooded with questions. Who was that man with the old-fashioned clothes and a gentleman’s manners? Why was…

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February 20, 2017

The Undead Must Die, Book Tour, Day Six: Giveaway, Character Casting, Interview & Snippets

by Penny BroJacquie

It’s the last day in THE UNDEAD MUST DIE Book Tour and our wonderful virtual journey is coming to an end! On day Six of the Book Tour, I had the pleasure to stop on Deal Sharing Aunt with an …

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February 18, 2017

The Undead Must Die, Book Tour, Day Four: Review, Character Casting, Snippets and Giveaway

by Penny BroJacquie

One more thrilling day in THE UNDEAD MUST DIE Book Tour! On day Four of the Book Tour, Book Bits-n-Bobs posted a wonderful review which you can read here. On Books And Boys Book Club you can find o…

Source: The Undead Must Die, Book Tour, Day Four: Review, Character Casting, Snippets and Giveaway

February 16, 2017

The Undead Must Die, Book Tour, Day Three: Review, Excerpt and giveaway!

by Penny BroJacquie

Penny Writes


The very first official THE UNDEAD MUST DIEBook Tour is half way through already!

On day Three of the Book Tour, author Anna Del C.Dye posted a wonderful review which you can read here. On Jazzy Book Reviews you can read an Excerpt from the book.

Make sure you visit these awesome book blogs and enter the Giveaway.

The UNDEAD MUST DIE BOOK TOUR is powered by Loving The Tour . Becca & Katie have also created a Facebook Event to help you keep you keep up with the Book Tour Schedule.

Make sure you follow the tour on a daily basis and enter the giveaway!

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February 15, 2017

The Undead Must Die Book Tour, Day Two: Character Casting, Top 10, Snippet & Giveaway

by Penny BroJacquie

Penny Writes


The very first official THE UNDEAD MUST DIEBook Tour is going on!

On day Two of the Book Tour, Books, Dreams, Life posted the book Character Casting. On Zerina Blossom’s Books you can read my Top 10 list and a snippet.

Make sure you visit these awesome book blogs and enter the Giveaway.

The UNDEAD MUST DIE BOOK TOUR is powered by Loving The Tour . Becca & Katie have also created a Facebook Event to help you keep you keep up with the Book Tour Schedule.

I’m so excited!

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February 14, 2017

The Undead Must Die Book Tour, Day One: Excerpt, Interview and Giveaway

by Penny BroJacquie

Penny Writes


The very first official THE UNDEAD MUST DIEBook Tour has started off!

On day One of the Book Tour, Spunky’N’Sassy are featuring an excerpt from Chapter Three. On SnoopyDoo’s Book Reviews you can read a fun interview I had with Randy.

Make sure you visit these awesome book blogs and enter the Giveaway.

The UNDEAD MUST DIE BOOK TOUR is powered by Loving The Tour . Becca & Katie have also created a Facebook Event to help you keep you keep up with the Book Tour Schedule.

I’m so excited!

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December 28, 2016

Two books in one: ‘The Undead must die, Episodes 1&2’

by Penny BroJacquie

It’s finally here! THE UNDEAD MUST DIE, EPISODES 1&2 is now available at Amazon!

Both episodes in ONE book!

#Suspense #Action #History #ConspiracyTheories #NaziZombies all in one #ComingOfAge #Mashup.

Only for 99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Grab your copy NOW!


vintage old paper with copy space


Floriana is a seemingly ordinary art student, until an exciting opportunity to study ancient Greek relics introduces her to long-held secrets and shockingly dangerous truths.

Her life becomes altogether extraordinary when a seemingly benign morning excursion transforms into an agonizing race across Europe to save humanity. Soon, she must work against the clock to recreate an antidote to save mankind before nostalgic Nazi militias make good on their plan to create a legion of superhuman zombie-soldiers that will wreak havoc on mankind.

As the heir apparent to a family of masterminds, Floriana is the only one capable of thwarting their efforts, but first she’ll come face-to-face with black roses, presumptive killers, and mysterious sects.

With the fate of the world in her hands, can an inexperienced and clumsy art student create an antidote before it’s too late?

Find out in this adrenaline rushing, young adult thrill ride, chock full of espionage, conspiracy theories, spies, and zombies!


vintage old paper with copy space


“DID YOU KNOW that Lord Byron carved his name into one of those marble columns?” a voice asked from behind her.

Floriana’s first thought was whether the query had been addressed to her; the second was to whom that calm and deep voice belonged. She turned around and saw a male figure standing a few steps away. The light of the sun directly behind him blinded her, and in the glare, the white-dressed man appeared to have glowing angel wings on his back.

What the heck?

Had there been something in the coffee she drank with breakfast?

“Did you know that?” asked the stranger again, taking a step toward her. Now she could tell, he had no wings. Of course.

“Lord Byron was a great philhellene. He even spent much of his fortune on the Greek battle for independence from the Ottoman Empire,” he explained, ignoring her puzzled look.

She raised her hands to protect her eyes from the sun and tried to discern the man’s facial features.

“Was Lord Byron really here, at Cape Sounion?” she asked.

“Not only did he come here, but he also wrote a poem about the place. His name is carved into one of the columns of this temple. The inscription exists, it’s just not known for certain whether Byron was the one who engraved it.”

He walked hastily to the north side of the ancient temple, and he motioned for her to follow him. Walking with difficulty on the stone-littered, sloping ground, she caught up and found herself beside him.

Seventeen white marble columns were all that was left of the ancient temple dedicated to Poseidon, god of the sea and water according to ancient Greek mythology. The tall hill that the temple stood upon penetrated the Aegean Sea like a pointed spear. In past times, it had inspired the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Nowadays, it inspired the romantic feelings of thousands of couples who rushed to enjoy the sea view early in the morning, as well as the breathtaking sunsets in the evening.

“Here it is. Can you see it?”

She looked carefully at where his finger was pointing. Indeed, on the base of one of the middle columns at the north side of the temple the word Byron was etched in cursive letters.

She turned to him. Now she could get a better look at him. His short hair had a warm reddish blond hue that added a natural light blush to his pale skin. His thin lips formed a broad smile above his square jaw. He had broad shoulders and a slim waist, very active and athletic without a doubt.

Damn, I forgot to comb my hair. Again.

She ran her fingers through her unruly, red hair that was dancing in the morning breeze.

“Excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Eric.”

He took her hand then bowed and kissed the top of it gallantly, sending a sensation of electric shock through her palm.

“Um… I’m Floriana.” She was still trying to overcome the shock of the unexpected knightly kiss.

“And what are you doing here at this place on the Mediterranean Sea, Floriana?” he asked.

“Um… I study… I mean… I am a student of fine arts. I am interested in the history of art. I thought there was no better place to begin than Greece. It’s full of ancient ruins.”

“You didn’t pick the right time to come here though. It’s more romantic at sunset.”

“Oh, I’m not looking for romance. I travel alone, simply for educational reasons.”

She regretted it the moment she said it. She had been tired of giving off the pathetic impression of a sexually inexperienced student. She stroked her neck and opened one button of her shirt. She didn’t manage to do it discreetly, though.

Now I’m going to get freckles from the sun. And my shoes are so dusty.

She was so busy observing her appearance that she didn’t notice the nervous glances that the charming stranger was throwing around.

“It’s late April, and it’s so hot already,” he said. “Want a drink? There is a cozy café down there.” He pointed to a tidy building near the entrance of the archaeological site.

There was no way for her to say no. They took the downhill road to the coffee shop. She was chatting, uncontrollably excited about the beautiful man she’d come across. He was shaking his head condescendingly.

Then everything faded away. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was two ominous figures moving straight toward her.



US https://kdp.amazon.com/amazon-dp-action/us/dualbookshelf.marketplacelink/B01NBOSEQS

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February 5, 2016

‘The Undead Must Die, Episode 2’ is now LIVE

by Penny BroJacquie

When I first published ‘The Undead Must Die’ I had different plans for this book and the rest of the book series.

‘The Order Of The Black Rose’ was intended to be a book series with no standalone books. But then a serious hand injury kept me away from writing for eight months. So I had to make serious decisions and even change plans.

I decided to relaunch ‘The Undead Must’ divided into two different episodes.
‘The Undead Must Die, Episode One’ is basically the book that was published last year under the title ‘The Undead Must Die’ minus the last five chapters.
Episode One will be a perma-free available through all major onlinestores. I want everyone to be able to get a copy and get acquainted with The Order of the Black Rose universe.
Those who have a copy of The Undead Must Die published in 2015 now practically own a collector’s edition.
I want to apologize for the delays in publishing the next part of my story but I hope for yourunderstanding. Thank you so much for your support. I’ll do my best to give you many interesting stories.


After Floriana made the discovery of her family’s deadly secret, she took the bold decision to join The Order of the Black Rose in the fight against those who unleashed the undead plague into the World. However, their mission won’t be easy. They will face an internal enemy, a person above suspicion who proved to be a traitor. They will find themselves in front of a painful decision. They will suffer a heart breaking loss. Nothing will be the same again.


Episode One: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/603411

Episode Two: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/613113

May 23, 2015

Back to writing

by Penny BroJacquie

Penny Writes

A couple of months ago CTS paid me a visit. And it brought its children together, Numbness and Tingling. They found my right hand a nice place to reside and they decided to stay.

So, I had to refrain from writing to avoid any stress on my wrist.
As a result I wasn’t able to release ‘The Order Of The Black Rose, Book 2’ on time.

Despite the fact Carpal Tunnel Syndrome isn’t completely gone, I’m back to writing and the sequel of ‘The Undead Must Die’ will be released in June.

More detailscoming soon!

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May 12, 2015

Open House Athens 2015: May 16-17

by Penny BroJacquie

Yia Su!

Open House Athens 2015 is taking place this weekend, May 16-17. Visitors will have the chance for a sneak peak at innovative, historic and exquisitely-designed architectural gems around the capital. Seventy (70) city spots have been chosen from around Greece from commercial and cultural venues to educational institutions to private homes that guests wouldn’t ordinarily be privy to.

Here’s a sneak peak:

BRFAA Biomedical Research Foundation (4 Soranou tou Ephessiou St, Cholargos) Opening Hours: noon to 4 p.m. on May 16


Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf (Konstantinopoleos Avenue) Open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on May 16 and from noon to 3 p.m. on May 17


The Hub Events (5 Alkminis Street) from noon to 7 p.m. on May 16 and 17.


Apartment Building in Gazi at the cnr of 1 Damokleous and Konstantinoupoleos streets, Gazi, open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 16 and 17.



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