Romantic Christmas in Vienna

by Penny BroJacquie

Christmas in Vienna are romantic and magical. Festively decorated streets, Christmas markets, aromas of gingerbread and mulled wine in the air… everywhere…

Visiting Vienna during its winter season brings out your inner child. You get relaxed, you feel happy, you admire every single Christmas decoration you see!

You can’t help but finding yourself walking in the Old Town pedestrian zones with garlands of glistening lights and the famous chandeliers in the sky above.

I walked myself in the idyllic streets without having knowledge of where I was going to, without putting down the city map and noticing the streets names.

Therefore, there was no way to lost my way. Β I was circulating and I was always ending up to the same meeting point.

I passed-by the numerous stands where hot punch, handicrafts made by local artists and mouthwatering delicacies could be found.

And when I got back to my hotel room, I was charmed by this city’s romantic spirit.

One Comment to “Romantic Christmas in Vienna”

  1. Wow, what a great time to be in Vienna! I love that city so much. I’ve been there one snowy autumn day and had a great time. Christmas must be a winter wonderland…


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