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July 24, 2012

“Shaken, not stirred”

by Penny BroJacquie

It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s time for Greek frappé coffee!

For Greek people frappé coffee is not just another kind of a cold beverage; it’s an all season passion. Frappé coffee is very popular in Greece and Cyprus especially in the summertime. It’s been part of the daily Greek culture.

Although the word frappé is french, Frappé coffee (or Café frappé) was invented by a Greekman. Myth has it that during the 1957 International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki a Greek tradesman called Yannis Dritsas was exhibiting a Nestlé chocolate beverage. It was new to the market, it was being mixed by milk and it was shaked. During a coffee break one of the employees, Dimitris Vakondios, was looking for a way to have his usual instant coffee made but he couldn’t find any hot water. So he mixed instant coffee grains with cold water and ice cubes in a shaker and got them shaken.

A cold beverage with a thick frothy layer at the top was created and soon after became the national coffee drink of Greece!

Frappé coffee may also be served with evaporated or fresh milk rroducing the highly acclaimed frapógalo as it’s called in Greek slang.

So… Frappé anyone?

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